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President Coleman and the UM Alumni Reception

I woke up early to skype with me parents who were visiting Kelly. We had a nice chat and I told her about China and what’s been going on lately. After that the UM kids went to the ceremony where the presidents of UM and PKU signed papers to continue the cooperation between the two schools. A whole delegation from each school came in and stood around a big table while the presidents passed these attractive-looking forms back and forth signing things while being photographed extensively. After the signing President Coleman and a string of other people from UM came over and chatted with us UM students who are spending the summer at PKU. We also talked to some of the students from PKU who will be going to UM in a few days. We ate lunch with some of those kids and then went our separate ways. I opted to take a nap since I was feeling a bit tired. My nap went from 1-4 pm. After this I went out to try a new place for fast internet. I tried going to Starbucks which is good because it’s fairly open and you can sit down and not feel pressured to buy things. Unfortunately the internet was still not as fast as I would have liked (and I have since determined that it’s actually slightly slower than the hotel internet typically is… hmmm). I left Starbucks around 5pm because there was a UM alumni reception at 6:30 that we’d been invited to that sounded fun. I met up with Francesca, Andrew, Lester, Dan, Ellen, and Chanan and headed to the Westin Hotel where the shindig was happening. We got there eventually… after some bumbling and some asking. When we did finally get there we were not disappointed. Wang Wen, our contact at the joint institute was there so she could vouch that we were allowed to be there. The first thing we found was the drinks. They had real orange juice and apple juice (The fact that it was real/pure is note-worthy as most juices here are diluted or from concentrate, or excessively sweetened, and good straight-up juice is just generally difficult to find, and expensive to boot) as well as wine and beer. The Westin is a swanky hotel, and the real orange juice was only the tip of the swank. We arrived a bit late so a talk by President Coleman was already underway when we got there, and we didn’t really want to barge in and start looking for seats so we explored the public areas of the hotel. There was a nice lounge area down below where the UM event was being held that was complete with a bar, an ice cream table (both not covered by the UM event, regretfully), soft music, a guy painting traditional Chinese landscapes, and a lady demonstrating TaiChi in the walkway near the seats. Eventually the talk was over and the hors d’oeuvres room opened, to everyone’s delight. The whole crowed set in on an array of delicious gourmet snacks, an array that would be my entire dinner that night. There were chocolates, pieces of cake, sushi, spring rolls, salmon cakes (it was like sushi in cake form), coffee cakes, tiny steamed buns full of shrimp… There was a lot, and it was delicious. My favorites were the little fruit custards and the candied chestnut chocolates. We met some people sort of randomly. One girl going to UM in the fall for law school, a few people who were also in China for summer programs that were grad students in UM. Unfortunately, we made no big business deals and were not invited to go on any yachts to talk further about said business deals. Maybe next time. We did run into Han Li’s co-workers here in Beijing who first let us know this whole thing was happening. One of them is a med student at UM, the other is in public health at UM with a neuroscience undergraduate degree, the third one is an undergraduate studying History with a chemistry minor and an intention to go to med school. We had a really good time chatting with people and by the end of the night I was fit to burst I was so full of snacks. Once we were back to the hotel we had a fruit party and chatted for a while. It was an excellent day.

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