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I have returned

February 3, 2011 Leave a comment

The more astute among you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything here for a while.  I aim to change that. I aim to change it because I think being able to write things that people want to read is a valuable skill.

A massive portion of my time is spent learning things. I learn lots for my classes, but in my leisure time I read science and technology blogs and non-fiction books, and one of my favorite things is talking to people about all these interesting things I find out about. Hopefully this blog can be yet another venue for talking about interesting things with interested people!

Now a little catch-up.

  • I’m back in Michigan.
  • I no longer start to say “xie-xie” instead of “Thank you” or “ni-hao” instead of “hello.”
  • I am still very good at using chopsticks
  • My major is now Molecular/cellular/developmental biology with some biomedical engineering classes thrown in (on course for a BME masters)

Last semester I took a programming class, multivariable calculus, and thermodynamics. I’m currently in E+M physics, moral philosophy of contemporary issues, bioreactions, and genetics and molecular biology of advanced behavior (a literature-based biology class).

My plan is to explain some of the papers we’ve been learning about in my biology class which have been focused on a variety of complex behaviors like courtship, motor control, circadian rhythms in the mouse and fruit fly but seem to have at least equal weight on the techniques used to carry out the research which are really incredible. I’ll do my best to explain them as they come up.

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